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Employee Class Actions

The law firm of Audet & Partners, LLP represents individuals and class members in a variety of employee side claims, ranging from discriminatory hiring, firing and pay, to whistleblower/qui tam rights, to complex employment related business litigation. Over the years, the firm has represented individuals in privacy, retaliation and similar claims, and has obtained significant class and individual payments to its clients. Whether a state court action or one involving federal law, the firm has the expertise and the resources to file and pursue claims against the largest corporations in the world.

Audet & Partners, LLP’s employment litigation section works on overtime, salary, unpaid wages and related claims, as well as privacy rights and other worker protection. Whether an individual claim or class action case, the attorneys Audet & Partner, LLP can review your case without charge and provide you with the legal advice you may need to protect your rights. If you have a case, contact us for a consultation.

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